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[sticky post] Purpose & Masterpost

Welcome to my fanfic journal.

This journal is open, public, and casual. Friend me if you want, or don't. Leave when you want. Comment on things if you want--even if I don't know you and we've never talked before--or don't. I love to make new fandom friends, and I don't stand on ceremony.

I've been in fandom for a long time, though I took several years off for Real Life and only returned in July of 2011. For the last couple years, I've written primarily for Teen Wolf, and up until January 2014 this journal was exclusively Teen Wolf. As my fanfic interests are broadening again, I've decided to open this journal up to everything. My typical story is canon gen, but I'll write het, slash, femslash, and poly as the mood and prompts dictate. I'm also a huge fan of crossovers, and I sincerely believe that any fandom can be improved with a Highlander crossover.

Besides Teen Wolf, fandoms you're likely to see here include: The Tomorrow People (any version), Forever Knight, Highlander: the Series, Sliders, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Phineas and Ferb, The Listener, and H2O: Just Add Water.

Find me online:

Fanfiction.net: LadySilver
AO3: LadySilver or argentum_ls

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If you're so inclined to want to play with my works, have fun. Just shoot me a PM and let me know. Thanks!

Fest Entries Roundup - My Stories

For the first time this year, I find myself without an active exchange. It's a bit of an empty feeling. So, that means it's time for a round-up.

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Fest: Tomorrow People Prompt Meme


In November 1995, the Tomorrow People Fiction List (TPFICT) was started. This mailing list served as the foundation for the online Tomorrow People fandom, running for over 15 years and leading to the creation of other mailing lists and discussion groups, webpages, a tremendous variety of fanworks, real life friendships, and even conventions. Although the list is gone now, its impact on Tomorrow People fans and fandom is undeniable. This prompt meme is in celebration of the 20th anniversary of TPFICT's formation and is open to all Tomorrow People fans, regardless of whether you were part of TPFICT or came into the fandom a different way.

Meme: 2014 Fanfic Year-In-Review

Total Word Count in 2014 = 74,035*

*(not counting all unposted WIPs)

Stories written: 15
Number of fandoms written in: 7
Shortest story: 599 words
Longest story: 27,138 words
Average story length: 4935 words

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Fest: Fandom Stocking


I have hung out a stocking.

If you are interested in stuffing it with treats, drabbles, icons, squee, well-wishes, or anything else, you can do so here. Stockings will open in early January.

Fest: Yuletide Letter 2014

Dear Yuletide Writer:

First of all, thank you so much for signing up! We already have at least one fandom in common, which is the important part. It's like cake. Cake is my favorite part. I hope the rest of what follows is just frosting.

I'm trying something different with my letter this year. Rather than providing specific prompts for my fandoms, I'm going to detail a couple of my favorite tropes and what I like in stories in general. If you prefer sentence prompts, feel free to plumb any of my other exchange letters, ask me, or hit up htbthomas, who both knows my tastes and knows how to keep a secret.

Overall, what I like in a story is plot; that is, I want something to happen. Beyond that, the reins are pretty loose. I like h/c and whump, angst, drama, humor, casefic, action/adventure, and romance. I'm open to gen, het, slash, poly—though I do have some fandom-specific preferences, which are listed below. I love pairings and I also love strong friendship and (pseudo)parent-child relationships. Ratings from G to hard-R are great. Crossovers are fantastic, though not anything I ever expect. I prefer canon based stories or canon-divergent AUs, and I prefer third-person storytelling, though I don't care if it's in past or present tense.

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Fandoms: The Tomorrow People 1973, 1992, 2013; H2O: Just Add Water; Mako Mermaids; My Secret IdentityCollapse )

I want to make this as easy for you as possible. If you have a different idea for a story that you think I'd like, go for it! Thank you again for signing up.


Yuletide nominations

For anyone who's wondering: I have used two of my Yuletide nomination slots so far. The third one is hanging open while I decide what to put in it.

My "in" fandoms are:

Tomorrow People (2013) with Stephen, Luca, Astrid, and John


H2O: Just Add Water with Cleo, Rikki, Emma, and Bella

Fest: Trick or Treat Exchange

Dear Trick or Treat writer,

Hi! Thank you for signing up for some tricks or treats. I'm so excited about the possibilities of this exchange and I want to encourage you to push the boundaries, in the spirit of the holiday. Below is all the info from my sign up. If you want more info or more specific prompts, feel free to browse my other exchange letters. You can also hit up my ask box, which has anon turned on, or talk to htbtomas, who both knows my tastes and knows how to keep a secret.

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Fest: Rarepairfest

Dear rarepairfest writer,

This letter is still a huge work in progress! I'm so sorry for inconveniencing you out of the gate, and I'll try to make up for it by giving you a lot to work with. I signed up at the last minute, so I'm way behind on pulling all my info together. Feel free to browse my other fest letters; the basic info of likes and dislikes is the same, and there may even be prompts that can get you started, if you need them.

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I've tried to keep things open-ended with my extra info. If you have any questions, my tumblr has a really lonely ask box with anon turned on. You can also check in with htbthomas, who knows my tastes and knows how to keep a secret.

Thank you again!

Fest: Crossovering

Dear Crossovering writer:

Thank you so much for signing up for this exchange and for agreeing to write me a story. Crossovers are one of my favorite types of fanfic, so I can't wait to see what you come up with.

I have some information below on what I like and don't like in stories. Use what you want, but know that I know that optional details are optional. I've also thrown together some prompts. Again, if they inspire you, they're yours; if not, then I'd love to see what you come up with. With a few exceptions, I've given no or little thought to how these crossovers might work, so your interpretation is my new headcanon. In those cases where I have given the crossover some thought, I'm always eager to see something else's interpretation of how the crossover will work. Alternatively, if you like what I've done and want to build on it, I'm cool with that, too.

Fandoms included here:

Being Human (US)
The Listener
Teen Wolf
The Tomorrow People (2013)

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Prompts (each crossover only listed once)Collapse )

I've tried to keep things open-ended with my extra info. If you have any questions, my tumblr has a really lonely ask box with anon turned on. You can also check in with htbthomas, who knows my tastes and knows how to keep a secret.

Thank you again!

Promo: Upcoming Fests and Exchanges

Though summer may be taking its sweet time getting to my part of the world, the new round of fests and exchanges is well on its way to being a full season.

Upcoming events include:

  • ttpsummer - The Tomorrow People may have been unceremoniously canceled (as per usual), but we can at least send it off with some style. This is an open fest. No deadlines, no commitment, and no restrictions. All fanworks welcomed and invited. Sign up to contribute something in the month August.

  • [community profile] fkficfest/fkficfest - Forever Knight's annual exchange. Sign-ups should be starting today. Fic and art welcome. Crossovers welcome for the first time.

  • rarepairfest - A multi-fandom rarepair exchange for any pairing with fewer than 250 completed works of 1000 words or more. Fic and art welcome. Nominations open June 1st.

  • [tumblr.com profile] crossovering / [community profile] crossovering - A new crossover exchange! Fic only. Nominations begin May 24th.

  • Obscure and British is a running comment-fest for media that is obscure and British. Leave a prompt. Fill a prompt. All fanworks welcome.

  • [community profile] femmeremix / [tumblr.com profile] femmeremix - A remix exchange for works focused on the female characters in a fandom. The schedule looks like it's up-in-the-air while the mod finishes her spring semester, so hopefully the fest gets off the ground.
  • Fest Entries Roundup

    My entries into the first round of fests were decidedly multi-fandom.

    ShipswapCollapse )

    RarewomenCollapse )

    RemixCollapse )
    Title: It's a Special Kind of Thing
    Characters: Angel, Original Characters
    Rating: PG-13
    Word Count: 1500
    Summary: The first time Angel remembered being happy was also the first time he understood sin.
    Notes: Written for remixers_lounge based on the story Five Times Angel Was Happy (and the world didn't end) by sevendeadlyfun. Contains under-aged kissing.

    Link to AO3
    Title: All the Little Background Noises
    Characters: Elizabeth M'Bondo, Carol, TIM, original characters
    Rating: G
    Word Count: 6100
    Summary: In a paradox of governments everywhere, Federation Ambassadors are sent off-world to live and work, while still speaking for their people back home. When Ambassador Elizabeth receives some world-changing news, she has to decide where she fits in and whom she speaks for.
    Notes: Written for [personal profile] malinaldarose on the occasion of rarewomen and set in modern times.

    Link to AO3

    Fanfic: Knaves of Coins [Teen Wolf]

    Title: Knaves of Coins
    Characters: Danny Mahealani, Vernon Boyd
    Rating: PG
    Word Count: 3077
    Summary: What Danny and Boyd both have in common is an outsider's perspective. Two ficlets about Danny and Boyd and what happens when outsiders stand together.
    Notes: Originally inspired by a prompt from [community profile] gen_battle. The first ficlet has been on FFN for some time; the second ficlet is new to every platform.

    Link to AO3

    Fanfic: Learning Curves [Teen Wolf]

    Title: Learning Curves
    Rating: PG-13
    Pairing: Lydia/Scott
    Word Count: 1700
    Summary: For four months, no one bothered to tell Lydia anything about what was going on in Beacon Hills. Now that she knows, she's determined to get some real answers.
    Notes: Written for amathela on the occasion of shipswap, based on the prompt for Lydia/Scott and makeouts.

    Link to AO3

    Rarewomen & Remix

    Exchanges two and three of this year happened to share a deadline and open on the same weekend, which made for quite the deadline scramble to get my contributions done.

    rarewomen was the first of these two exchanges. This one is also becoming my favorite. The types of stories that come out of it are right on the mark for what I like about fanfic: focus on a character that often involves deep character exploration and storylines that develop or extend the themes of the canon.

    This year, my gift was in the Tomorrow People (2013) canon. I requested a story a that developed the background and motivations of any of three characters: Astrid Finch (the non-superpowered best friend), Irene Quinn (the science nerd), and Hillary Cole (the tough-as-nails agent for the enemy). I also suggested the possibility of throwing the three together on a mission, which struck me as interesting because they're not at all on the same side. [archiveofourown.org profile] kalisgirl wrote me We Could Be Heros - 4.5K - Gen, which did everything!. Not only is it refreshing to get a story in this fandom that reads like an episode and that focuses on the women, but the author did a great job showing the strengths that each of the main characters brought to the team while retaining their voices.

    remixers_lounge was the second exchange and a new one for me. I've never done a remix at all, so this exchange promised a stretch to my writing abilities as well as the chance to have someone expand on my work.

    My gift was a Teen Wolf story, I Will Keep You Safe and Warm (The On the Run Remix) - 1.1K - Scott/Isaac. This story remixed my story Chilled by taking the relationship the boys have where Isaac suffers nightmares of being locked in the freezer and Scott comforts him and projects it to a different location and different trigger. The author does an excellent job with this transformation. The final story stands on its own, yet still contains enough of its source that finding the influences in it had me smiling throughout.

    I'll discuss my own contributions after all the exchanges are de-anoned.

    Well, that was fun...

    The Tomorrow People has been canceled. Again. This now makes it 5 or 6 cancellations total across every version of a series with that name. Naturally, I'm holding out for the new version we should get in 20 years, if the existing trend is anything to go by. I'm also going to harbor the tiny hope that this version gets picked up by some cable channel, provided they do some retooling. I do have ideas on that front. Perhaps I'll fic them someday.


    By this time in the year, I've usually written and posted several stories. This year ... I have nothing to show for the last four months. You'd think that with all the time I now have at my disposal that I'd be able to do lots of writing. Unfortunately, the psychological toll of having left my job has said otherwise.

    In trying to kick any kind of motivation back into being, I've continued to sign up for exchanges (and, so far, have met the deadlines, if just barely). First up: shipswap.

    My gift this year was:

    Our Highlight Reel's All Outtakes - 5.6K - Teen Wolf - Bobby/Melissa

    I've been asking for Bobby/Melissa as my crack pairing for as long as there's been Teen Wolf. Finally, someone came through! The story is overall melancholy as it shows the progression of how Bobby and Melissa became a couple, with some beautiful character analysis of how they got to their places in life and what they're going to do next. There are also some excellent touches of humor in the responses from Scott and Isaac toward this development. I haven't laughed out loud so much while reading a story in a very long time. My only regret is that there aren't going to be tons of sequels because Melissa and Bobby really do play off each other well.


    Sheriff, Stiles


    What's Here / About Me

    This journal is for showcasing all my Teen Wolf stories. Most of them are crossposted to AO3 or FFN as well, though not all.

    I'm a female in my late-30's, married, one child, who works in a professional capacity with the English language.

    I'm really into fests and memes and other ways that fandom is a social and participatory experience. As a result, a lot of my stories were written for a specific prompt, which may or may not reflect my actual interest in the characters or show.

    On my own, I tend to write gen, in the old sense of the word where gen meant "the 'ship is not the focus of the story." I like to explore all kinds of situations and relationships, not just sexual/romantic ones. This means that very little of what I write is porn.

    I like crossovers, canon-centric stories, and canon-based AUs. My favorite genres are drama, angst, h/c, whump, friendship, and humor.

    Feel free to comment, even if I don't know you and we've never talked before. I like to receive concrit. I also like to have my ego stoked (who doesn't?). Plus there's the whole spectrum in-between. If you want to talk about other things, we can do that too.

    My favorite story tropes include:
    * character with powers gets discovered or outted, has to explain or cope;
    * character with powers loses control of said powers;
    * character with or without powers suddenly gains new ones;
    * character with powers gains new appreciation thereof.

    My biggest weakness is smart-ass kids with superpowers. Because of this, Scott McCall is my guy in TW. He also feeds right into all my tropes. Most of my fic, therefore, is Scott-centric.

    Finally, I really like prompts. Only rarely do I succeed in using them as prompted, but I really like to try. Feel free to feed my idea mill. Maybe something will come of it. If you'd like to set up an exchange, we can give that a try, too.
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